KIWTV – When Singles Meet(Events)

BEFORE I DO (Singles and Relationship Radio Show) will be having this great event in Barking and The Vito’s will be sitting on the panel to assist people with answers to pressing questions on the subject of Love and Relationships. The event is mainly centred around networking and developing that self confidence that allows you to be seen and heard by the right people. There will be loads of interactive activities as well as a screening of the World Cup final.

Attendance costs £20 via the link below

Sunday 13th July, 2014 @ BTN Banqueting Suite Essex.
NETWORKING, TALKS, Q&A, FOOD, DRINKS, COCKTAIL, SPOKEN WORD, SOLO PERFORMANCES, GAMES, MINGLE, WATCH WORLD CUP FINAL MATCH WITH NEW FRIENDS ON A BIG SCREEN. Don’t miss this FUN! Tickets are running out fast. For more information or call 07507658575 | 07930322194.

Its most certainly something you shouldn’t miss if you are interested in connecting with people on a different platform and having fun while you do so.


SEE you there!



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