#TeamVito Will Be At “The Faithfulness Of God” FVTV

Greetings people so it’s been a good few weeks and the events where you can’t catch dining our thing are mounting up. This weekend we are in great company of Family Values TV great presentation. It’s called the Faithfulness of God and we are honoured and priveledged to be a part of this great conversation. We will be running Workshops and Seminars as well as Q & A’s around Building relationships Gods way.  

Whether you know it or not Relationships are part and parcel of fufilling your purpose. Someone once said that when you are  on your sick bed you won’t be asking to see your bank account but your family and those who are close to you. Wise up and cultivate that which matters most to your legacy. The fact remains we living in a generation where people have the strongest sense of entitlement to love, to power, to influence, to sex, to respect amongst other things but rarely do they invest in the person they are to become to manage what they believe they are entitled to. That lack of preparation is the reason the generations to come are suffering from pain and disillusionment as the political, financial and other landscapes change. We cannot be the people we need to be without effective preparation and insight. So before we get too deep on this post. We hope to see you there this weekend. 

Kingly regards



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